We and the folk music

Traditional music sucks! This is the most uffered comment concerning this topic. Especially teenagers usually don't care much about traditional music. This attitude has risen after World War 2 because during the third Reich this kind of music was the only on which was officialy approved by the government. After war and tyranny had ceased many teenagers tried to rechine this system and expressed this especially in their choice of fashion and music. Furthermore Germany was divided in four zones of occupation. These zones were controlled by American, English, French and Russian forces which influenced the development of music. Departing from that traditional music was disgraced and laughere at. And that's the situation until today – but many ignore the fact that traditional music existed long before the war and that it's a major part of German culture.

We are two girls aged 17 and 18 years old and we are both members of a traditional wind band (called "Trachtenkapelle" in Germany). Meanwhile we joined the club 7 years ago. Having started with playing the flute and later we decided to learn the clarinet.

What do we like about our traditional wind band? – It's easy for us to answer this question.

1)The kind of music: Both of us think it's importand to find an equilibrium between the traditional; (e.g. marching band), modern and classical music. As our audience is very heterogenous, everybody ought to appreciate it. Furthermore, making music remains interesting this way.

2) While making music together; we get to know other people with similar interests.

3) The extracurricular activities of our club are manifold, we have e.g. trips to Japan, Turkey, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Tyrolia and several parts of Germany. In addition, we have festivals in our villages organized by our clubs, to which other bands are invited. These journeys enrich our still young lives.

In between more and more young people are interested in traditional music, especially in the countryside. This evolution manifestates in the increasing number of pupils, which are educated by our clubs. Making music together is also a social experience which isn't pleasure only for us but also for others.

created by Claudia Schnell & Martina Lösle