Anna Baccaro & Nicole Baumgartner


The Role of the family



For me family is very important. I need the feeling of belonging to someone and feel safe.

In my family I have this feeling.

I think itís very important to respect and understand each other in a family.

You must accept the others the way they are and they must accept you too.


For me itís also very important to speak about problems with my family.

I know that this is not in every family matter-of-course, but I think it should be so.


If I have a problem I know I can talk about it with my family.

Sometimes we have a conflict and then you maybe say cruel things and in this moment you hurt someone, but after this we come together again and try to solve the problem.


I also think having a family that stands behind you is important for your life in school or at work. It can make you much more self-confident because you know no matter what happens, youíre not alone.


© by Nicole Baumgartner





For me family means not to live with all my family together. It means to be there when someone needs you. It doesn't matter where you are.

This is like this because my parents are divorced and because of this situation I've learned that the distance is not important for the relationship of the family members.


I live together with my mother. She works all day long, but she's always there for me.

I can talk to her as good as to a friend.


My father lives with his new family near our place of residence.

I see him once or twice a month.


I wouldn't say that I'm disadvantaged because my father doesn't live together with us.

I'm happy with my situation and I think that many "normal" families have less family life than we have. I think also they don't know at all what family means and how they have to threat each other.


© by Anna Baccaro