EDUVINET HOME Background Information and Objectives of the 2nd Transnational
EDUVINET Project Partner Meeting in Cadenabbia/Italy

The European Parliament in 1994 proposed "creating a framework to help citizens develop their own national sense of European unity. However, active support for this ideal had to wait until after the Maastricht Treaty of 1992 had been ratified. Article 126 of the Treaty defines the following goal as a task to be universally achieved: "the development of a European dimension in the education sector".

1.0 The subject of the meeting will be "European Identity".

(Note that European identity is also the first of four subjects we will deal with during the project)

It is planned to answer the following questions on a transnational level:

These questions have important implications for the co-existence of European people. Currently however their role remains marginal in the teaching of history and political science.

The Eduvinet project partners agreed at their 1st transnational meeting to work to improve this situation and to develop common value systems for the building of a new Europe.

2.0 Can we find value systems which all European people can identify with ?

Based on the rich historical experience of European people exemplary historical events will be selected which can be classified as follows:

Unity Diversity
Free Trade Monopoly
Capitalism Socialism
National State Cultural Heritage
Continuity Change
Cooperation Conflict
Constitutional Patriotism Ethnocentrism
Multi-Culture Racism
Bureaucracy Transparency
Federalism Centralism
Centralism Subsidiarity
Democracy Dictatorship
Rule of Law Tyranny
Transnationalism Multinationalism

In order not to extend the discussion too far contributions should concentrate on one or two of the following questions:

3.0 What is the European added value of the EDUVINET project ?

The EU cannot support nationally oriented teaching schemes from common European support funds. On the contrary, as many European citizens as possible need to have access to project results. New ways of teaching and learning have to be tried out since the knowledge and skills which were acquired in school do not last a lifetime. So it is important to promote the idea of lifetime learning among students.

The EDUVINET project will deal with both these objectives in the following way:

At the 2nd transnational meeting in Cadenabbia, university professors, educationalists and teachers will try to broaden their nationally oriented horizons by adding a European perspective.

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