'Violence in schools

It is terrifying, how violently acts are happening in schools. More and more you can read in the newspapers that violence has been used against teachers or students.

There´s no reason to get aggressive at all, but sometimes some students can´t controll their feelings. One boy has been stamped down from a classmate two years ago. The reason was a better exam. The victim had been 16 - the commiter 17 years old.

I also was on a school where every student had made it´s own experience with violence.

The biggest problem had been the groups, which had been formed in the school; they tried to mess themselves against other groups from the same school. Most it has ended with a broken nose or other injuries.

If you had not worn the right schoes, it was provocation enough to beat you up. The only thing you could have done was to get some help from a teacher.

Even teachers had been gone in groups across the backyard, because one of them had been beaten up terribely.

Nowadays everything has changed in this school. Cammeras had been installed in nearly every corner on this school - everything´s under controll. If some students had been caught while they´ve beaten up another one, they had to leave the school forever.

I don´t know why studens does react so violently against each other. This could have many kinds of reasons. Maybe they grew up with violence or they had been beaten by their own parrents. There are too many reasons to justify this kind of behavoir.

Maybe they need some professionl help to talk about their problems.

Sometimes I ask myself why on other schools everythings working in the right way:

Maybe it depends on which level you are with yourself. I´ve heard that this is way it should be.