Living conditions of 16 to 18 years old young people in Germany

Here in Germany we have a relatively good living standard. We musten't go hungry, we have clothes, the financial funds are suffiant enough to get trough the year and many people are able to afford vacations. A few go away several times.

We teenagers have the possibility to get a good schooling and therefore we can qualificate us for the vocational educations (dual system). But the working places in the dual system decline more and more and so the futur don't look too rosy.On the basic of this fact the concerns can choose the apprentice from many applicants. The concerns particulary look at the school grades. But I meant this is not always desicive for the person who apply himself.

The ones which don't get a traineeship bridge the time with a secondary school.

If I look at my living conditions I'm very satisfied. I grown up in a little village in South Germany. I'm very happy to live there and not in a high - rise building where you met a grew world within pavement if you close the door behind you. Every day I see in the streets of Freiburg people running through the streets, passing each other andno one knows the other. In a village you sometimes wish to meet no one well- known. I think, if I must live in a city it will be worse for myself.

When I come home from school I'm often happy to go outside and breath fresh air. The teenagers in the city sit in their apartments or met each other somewhere in the city. Nevertheless I won't say that this is correct for all people, because the city has advantages, too.

The free time and school posibilities in the city are in any case bigger than in a village. Pupils from a village who want to continue their education are dependent on the school offers from cities, because the villages often only have a primery school. That means long running times and ways to school and home again.

I´m now in the 11. class of a set up gymnasium and I'm going to get my Abitur in 2 ½ years.This school is in Freiburg and so I have a running time of 2 ½ houres a day. I stand up at 5.30 and come home at 14.30 or 16.30. So there is less free time and time for myself. If you want to go to the cinema you have to go to the next bigger city and then you have another problem: the connections with the bus line isn't very good.

Nevertheless I don't want to live in a city although I have to manage the „little" problems all day. But many (from my class) have likewise a long way to school, because the pupils come from different areas around Freiburg.

I don't know what I want to do after the Abitur. In any case I want to go to foreign countries (e.g New Zealand or Australia, Ireland) to become acquainted with different lands and people. Therefor I consequently collect some experience of live.

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Bye Chris