Human rigths and political asylum

Every human being has got a right to life, physical injured, free speech, free religion, etc.

These rights and more are called human rigths.The first seriously proclaimation of these rigths were done by the UNO after the second World War.

Those rights were pronounced for the whole world and all activities in the world were looked at from this aspect.

A consequence of the proclamation was the rigth of asylum in the modern democratic states. But we wonder, why it takes such a long time till the humans developed such a system. But the ideas of human rigths, which were formulated literally, are not very old.The first time when humans thought seriously about that, was the age of reason.

Human rigths, which are established in the constitution and are attended by all branches, were first developed in the modern democratic states.

The humans weren't able to gain much experience with humans rigth, so it is comprehensible, that a lot of people have a hard with this and they can not say for example, who get political asylum and who not.

We think that suggestions about human rights have not been established in the mind of the people, especially in the older generation.

We ask ourselfves, if these ideas of human rights are the highest good which is organizing the human society.A lot of people think so.

But we think that it is only the beginning.The humans are learning at the moment how to manage this.We think, it`s very interesting, that it takes such a long time, to reach the situation like today.

We think, all the discussions about asylum politics are senseless, because they don't come from real care for the victims. Because for many people the asylum is the last way out. So it's neccessary to develop real sympathy for the people and also to consider the reasons which cause people to leave their home. If you do do this, you'll fast discover that many problems could be solved by interventions of democratic staates. But this is another subject.

It's unrealistic to think that politicians will act more with there hearts, than with "cold" reason. We think that the governments of the richer states will try to save their territories from floods of asylants.Mostly in Germany they say that the own economic problems are to big to take more people. Until 1993 Germany had a very liberal Asylum right. Many foreigner used it to come to germany

just to make some more money.Because of this experience the politicians enforced the rigth.One important change was the "Drittstaatenregelung". If an asylant is in a land of the EU or another one who garanties the human rights he has no chance to get asylum in Germany.

What are the asylums laws like in other countries.It is interesting for us.

We think that politics today wants to avoid floods of asylants, because they want to keep a strong economy and wealth. But we should pay attention, that the rich countries will be flooded by refugees in the near future.No nation could survive this.

Our claim for compassion in politics is too utopical, so we don´t want to formulate a doctrin for the asylum politics.

If we would formulate exactly, who should get political asylum and who not, we would except some humans.

But how should we know who deserve asylum and who doesn't? It would be our subjective opinion, which would caused chaos in the asylum politics and no clearness.

The politicians do the opposite of that what we do. Their discussions are useless in the long run. If nobody destroys the causes, the people will always discuss about that topic in future.That will never solve the problem.

With this words ends our text about human rigths.

Ideas: David Spisla

Creative design: Daniel Bin Johari

Technical manegement: Stefan Weidemann