Living conditions of a german student

By Dorothee & Carolin, Merian-Schule, Freiburg, GERMANY, 1998

Beeing sixteen / seventeen in Germany is not bad.

The main problem is school and examinations. At the age of sixteen German students must think over if they want to make the Abitur (leaving certificate ) or go to work.We don't know how long you have to go to school, here in Germany 18 years are compulsory even for young who have a special working contract. They have also have to attend in vocational schools for at least 13 hours a week. During that time they are released from work, which we call dual system. After you have manage to pass the Abitur you must decide whether to go to the university or to work. Compared with the Irish young people we in Germany have to go to school one year longer. So most of us are already twenty years old when we leave school. Boys have to join the military service or instead of that the social service is obligatory. Some girls are going to make a social year or go abroad after the Abitur.

When you are seventeen you need a lot of money for your freetime, for example: cinema, disco, clothing and food. In Freiburg, our hometown,in the south - west of Germany we have three big cinema centers.So you can go in a other cinema with an other atmosphere every weekend.

Sport is also very important in the life of a seventeen years old student. Especially in Freiburg, the football club is very famous.

Most students have a freetime job, for getting money for their driving licence. In Germany you must pay over 2000 DM. We have heard that in Ireland the driving licence is much cheaper than here.You are so lucky boys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be seventeen in Germany has advantages and disadvantages.

But life in Germany is not all bad. We are at the best age to enjoy our way of lives, and so we give our best to do this.