Living conditions of young people in Europe



Spare time activities

(during the week, at the weekend, on holidays)



My name is Iris Ebi. I`m a 17 year old girl and I live in a small village called ~ Schachen~ . Itīs in the countryside near the river ~ Rhein~ at the border to switzerland.

I will tell you now something about my spare time activities:


During the week when I`m not at school, do my homework or learn for a test, I work in

EDEKA, a food shop in Albbruck, to earn some money for an other hobby: SHOPPING !

What I like best is telephoning with my friends. When I have time, I play the saxophone, which I play in a band, or I watchTV.

At the moment, I`m doing my driving-licence, that is very expensive, because I have to pay the whole by myself. But I love driving the car, and so I have to pay for it, because I will get it soon on my 18th birthday. One normal lesson costs 53 marks and we have to do also 10 lessons like driving by night or on the motorway which costs 81 marks per 45 minutes.

In summer I go swimming, as often as possible and in winter, I like it, to sit in front of the window, drinking a cup of tea, reading a book and look out at the snow.


At the weekend, on Friday evening, I go to the music lessons, where I play the saxophone and the clarinet. We have a concert twice a year, where we play something about 12 songs from different areas like classic, folkloristic or modern. On Saturday evening I mostly go to a party, to the cinema or meet with my friends. On Sunday morning I sleep until 11 o`clock and then, after having lunch with my whole family, who are my mother, my father, three sisters and a brother, I do my homework.


In my summer-holidays, I work for three or four weeks every day in EDEKA, so that I earn approximately 2000 marks(10 marks per hour), to go to the Lago Maggiore or to Mallorca for swimming, meeting new people and having a lot of fun.

In the winter-holidays, I like to go skiing or sledging and this winter-holiday I want to get my driving-licence and so I have to drive a lot with the car !





by Iris Ebi