The life of two girls from Freiburg

By Elke & Anna, Merian-Schule, Freiburg, GERMANY, 1998

We are two girls from Germany who live in Freiburg.

Our names are Anna and Elke and we are nineteen and eighteen years old. At the morning we go to Merian Highschool and go together in the same class. It's very strenuous to learn a lot and we must work very hard. But sometimes it's very funny and we laugh a lot. The most of teachers are friendly but sometimes they think we only live for school.

At the sparetime we go to lakes and meet some friends. At weekend we go to discos and parties. Than we celebrate , drinking and dance.

We don't like mondays because we must wake up early and are so tired from the weekend. In the summer holidays we are going to France and Tschechien (Prag).

We have two dogs (Sindy and Susi) and like it to go out for a walk.

Some evenings we watching videos with other friends (eat popcorn and drink vine) and have a funny time.

Anna has two older brothers and they make a professional training. Elke has two Brothers and two sisters, two are unemployed and the other works.

We often drive car because in Germany it's allowed to make a driving licence in the age of eighteen.

Anna lives by her parents and Elke lives alone with her brother and her boyfriend. We are looking for a job to get money for our holidays.

We are two good friends, are lucky and hope we will be healthy and have a nice time.

Our friendship is like this tree of life, we hope all people of the world will be friends too.