By Felix & Oliver, Merian-Schule, Freiburg, GERMANY, 1998

Generally speaking, we live in a state that has one of the fastest growing economies in the EU. We have a rising rate of unemployment. Of course this is a nation-wide observation. There are areas within our housing standards - a major problem for our country to deal with drugs and there are many problems with alcohol.

It's true to say that we, in the south-west, are experiencing the 'feel good' factor in more senses than the just monetary one. Our neighbours don't have brought to my attention when I did an interview recently with a journalist from a Northern German Radio station on our local station. He spoke of the drug-problems and the alcoholic-problems in our country. Every year the radio-station wants to help this people in several projects.

I suppose one of the best things about living in Germany is that we do not have to "watch over our own shoulder" continually. However we cannot overlook the fact that Germany has his problems.

While I am not really condoning the latter, the people in our state should be allowed to choose their own opinion about the way of live.