When I finish school I will go to a foreign country. I would like to go to a country in the south, which I like very much because the people are not the same like in Germany. The people there work to live, whereas German people live to work. My imagination is that I stay in a foreign country for one year, because this is a good chance to learn a language like french better than in school because of the exercise. I will manage that as an au pair or working in a shop or something else. When I come back from my tour in a foreign country I would like to become a physiotherapist. Thatīs my big dream. Itīs a job where I can work with different people. I can help them for example when they have problems to move their arm or leg. You donīt sit in an office the hole day. This would be horrible for me. When I finish school for having a physiotherapist, which has a duration of three years, I would like to work in this job for three or four years. After that I would like to have a family. But I donīt want to stay at home the hole day to do the household and look for the children. I hope that this will be a separate work between my future husband and me because I want to work in my job, too. When I am old I would like to see many countries of the world. I want to do holiday trips with my husband and enjoy life.