Family life of 16-18 years old girls

I grew up on a farm with my parents and three siblings. An unkle and grandfather also live with us. Each of us has his own duties to fulfil, so that family life can go on harmoniously.

My 26 year-old brother doesn`t live at home anymore, because he and my father don`t got along very well with each other. My oldest sister is 22 she is busy recionciling her job, boyfriend and family.The result is chat she has no time for her family. I also have a younger sister who is 12 and is going through puberty right now. I am 17 and very much interested in a social association called Red Cross.

There is a lot to say about my father,who works on our familie farm and prefers to do so alone. A basic problem between him and us is that he can`t understand our interests and isn`t open for our new ideas.

My father also has some obsolete ideas. One of them is that a son should practise the same professon as his dad. Another one is that you don´t need a good school education to be able to earn enough money for a good living. Any family member who has an opposite opinion to his, is normally ignored or at a disadvantage

. There are several reasons why there are so many conflicts in our family. Usually my mother tries do settle them, and is often put under pressure,because of that.

Being tolerant and supportive to her children,my mother is very unlike my dad. She believes in her children,and tries to help us as best as she can. If she has enough time she listens to all our problems.

In return she expects her children to support her, so that she gets some relief from work. She has so much to do that she isn`t able to do everything by herself after. getting up at 4.00 a.m.she is busy all day long. in contrast to my mom my dad loves everything he is not supose to do.His diabetes is the result of his unhealthily life-style.Having his own special logic he is often absolutly incomprehensible for other people--a good reason not to discuss anything with him.Last but not least, he likes to do other people favors,even when his family has to suffer because of them.For me my father is one big mystery,because he is a contradiction in himself. On one hand he is concerned about everybody,but on the other hand he obstructs other people.

Despite all these problems we get along pretty well and try to work together.