My living conditions in Germany

By Brigitte, Merian-Schule, Freiburg, GERMANY, 1998

My name is Brigitte, I´m 17 years old and I live near Freiburg, in the south of Germany.

With this text I will tell you something of my living conditions.

My school, the Merianschule, are in Freiburg, therefore I must stand up early in the morning , when I will come in time to school. But I oversleep often, that´s a big problem.

After the school, the school is often strenous, I have many hobbies:

Swimming, Badminten, diving, climbing and generally making sports; painting; cinema, writing letters, spending my time with my cat Willi and with my friends.

In 2 years I hope I make my exams, my Abitur and now I have to learn a lot, I spend some weekend for learning. But I know, that in many others countries the teenagers must learn more than here.

My dream is to be journalistin, everyone who me know good, know that, because it´s very important for my.

In other countries the people hear certain many of the unemployment in Germany. I´m also afraid of it. many teenagers don´t be in the running for a good future. That´s really sad, but that´s thesad thruth.

So now I have already tell you about my life and my daily routine etc.

There are actually good living conditions in Germany, but I won´t rest all my life here. It´s my too cold, the climate and also the people.I like to live in France, Spain, Indonesien, South of Afrika or Chile I can´t say why, but I don´t like Germany, perhaps I have only itchy feet.Because actually I have to be happy to live in Germany. In other countries is war, famine etc.,so I have it really good here.

I hope now that you have a little idea and a imagination of my life. And I hope you have fun to read it.

Bye, yours Brigitte