The Grammar School

Pupils with only very good marks can go there.

In grammar school the following subjects are taught:

German (from class 5 onwards)
Maths (from class 5 onwards)
1st foreign language (from class 5 onwards)
2nd foreign language (from class 7 onwards)
Religion (from class 5 onwards) / Ethics (from class 7 onwards)
Art (from class 5 onwards)
Geography (from class 5 onwards until class 8)
Music (from class 5 onwards)
Sports (from class 5 onwards)
History (from class 7 onwards) / social studies (from class 10 onwards)
Biology (from class 5 onwards)
Physics (from class 8 onwards)
Chemistry (from class 9 onwards)

At the beginning of the upper sixth form (11th grade) the preparations for the 12th and 13th grade start.

The course system in grade 12 and 13

From the beginning of the 12th grade the class is devided. You can choose some courses.The pupils choose the courses according to their talents.

There are no marks from 1-6 anymore. There is a based on credits.

After the graduation of the grammar school you can start an appranticeship or you can go to university.