My future after school

At the moment I go to school in Waldshut. I must take the train to go to Waldshut, because I live in Bad Säckingen which is 30 km from Waldshut. In July 2000 I hope I'll get my Abitur. With the Abitur I've the chance to go to the university. It takes three years and after these three years you get your Abitur. For getting the Abitur you must work very hard and you've to do some exams.

But after your Abitur you've to decide if you want to go to the military or to the social service. As social service you can go to hospital or to an aid service for older people or something like this. It takes thirteen months and you get money every month for your work. At the military you can decide if you go to the navy, to the Air-Force or to the army and it takes only nine months and you also get money every month. I think I take the social service because I don't like to go to the military.

After the social service I want to go to university. I'll study chemistry to become an engineer. I must this for 6-7 years. Then I'm ready to go to work. At the moment it's not so good to get a job but I hope, that the situation will change. I want to go in industry as a chemical engineer or I'll go into other countries to work there for my firm.

In my freetime I've played the trumpet for ten years and my personal dream is, to become a famous trumpet player like Allen Vizzuti, Wynton Marsalis,... . But this is only a dream.

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