How do I spend my weekends ??

A nice weekend means to me freedom, fun, relaxation. Unfortunately it passes too fast and normal life starts again all too soon.

On Friday afternoon when I come home and throw my schoolbag in the corner, begins my weekend. Of course I cannot always enjoy it, because I have to do something for school, prepare a test for example. I will make my ''Abitur'' in three years, therefore I must learn many things. Friday and Saturday evening I often go out with my friends. Either we go in discos , to partys or we drink something. When we don't feel like going downtown we make comfortable video-evening at someone's home and talk about different things. I have the most fun when I go out with my friends. In spite of it , it is not always possible and I have to go to other celebrations or birthdays from relations and acquaintances. That's a good occasion for me to see the people again, who I can't see so often. I like to go to concerts, too, or to open-air festivals. The weekend is good to invest time for hobbies. When it is possible I go skying in winter, because I can divert me and feel free. In the autumn the round of our soccer-club begins. I haven't got any free-time for other things on Saturday, because of my soccer-games. When I go in the cinema for example, I must financal it, because I work every two weekends in a restaurant. If I can sleep long it's more enjoyable to go out.

It's a pitty that it's not always weekend. But in our society there must be education and work, too. and besides that I can have fun during the week, too , or even at school