German-Version (Deutsche Version)

Hello You!!

We were said to design and write a Homepage, but there were so much thems to talk about. And so many pupils have already written about these. So I decidet to mtake one which noone here has ever taken. One which is something special. I want to show you that German students ale able to write, to be creative, to compose poems. Most of joung people write, but normally they did not get the chance, or they had not the courage and the self-confidence to show their writings to the public. I want to give them the chance to do so, to encourage them to continuing their work and to show you how good they are.

Most of the adults say that teenagers aren't able tp write, that literature in only something for old man who are living for a long time. But it isn't! I want to show exactly this fact.

I went to chat-rooms, talked to people and asked them to give me their poems. I was astonished how good these poems are. But you must read them yourself.

They are written in german, I think it doesn't make sence to translate them.

If you want, you can give me a feedback (, I will be very pleased about.

I wish you a lot of joy, Johanna