National conscionsness in our country

Is that a suitable device for the future?

We think,that national conscionness in Germany is less developed than in other countries like in U.S.A..If we know the German Past then that is not too surprising although there is a big difference between national conscionsness and nationlism,the exafferated glorifiention of a country wich was the case for example in the "Dritte Reich".The most Germans are completely in different towards their country and don't feel proud of their Fatherland,like it is the case in the USA.Our opinion is that there is some kind of a feeling of solidarity also if the Americans exafferate it a littel bit (for example, if they sing the Nationalouthem and stand up before a local Baskettballmatch starts).We Germans don't feel tied to our country and are only proud,if we have adreved something.We are glad,that we live in a rich country like Germany where most people are well off and the social net holds all that are in worse condition.For the future we think,that our national conscionsness can stay,that means it's not particulary developed.We don't want to deny,however,that in Germany there are some marginal groups,wich haven't learned from our national history.But thanks God they haven't a big influence and in electrois they only reach 1or2% of the votes.

If we think about the question,after a United Europe,we think ,a well-worn opinion on the national issue would stop us and Europe would grow together even more slower.If we think about the question,whether at European citizenship is desirable in our country,than we have the opinion that it is on the one hand desirable because the economy will be bigger and stronger on the other hand we believe,that there will be more conflicts between the countries e.g. the people(for example through the different religious),which one not avoid anyway,if we think like each countries is different.

All inall we think,that we must go anytime new ways and the European citizenship will be help us.

von Judith,Stefan und Marina