The story of a not very well English speaking 18 years old girl
same in German

I´m a german girl, who lives in Eichstetten. This is a littel village near Freiburg. I am living here since I was born. I really like it to live in der contry, here the peole are more friendly. Everytime, I meet people at the village, they says hello to he, wheher they know me or not. If you are downtown, the peoples just jostle you without saying sorry.
I´m going to school in Freiburg. I´m in the class. This means, that there are only two years , witch left till my exam. We have chemestry as main subject, this means much stress.

Do you want to know now how I´m looking like??
No problem, you don´t have to visit me, here is a picture from myself.

You will find more pictures at my  HOMEPAGE

In school we have two classrooms, with 10 computers each that are connected to the Internet. This is surely very interesting for me. We have the possibility to use them while the breaks or the free lessons. So we are one of the less schools, with have that big succes in computers

 I don´t give a securety for this picture, because our teacher told us to put this in the text and I´m not a good painter.

Next year I will take mathematik as intensiv kurs. I think it´s very interestin to work with numbers. I don´t know what I would like to do afer school. Maybe something with computers.+

After school I´playing badminton in a club in Eichstetten, or I work at my computer. My dream is to make my own HOMEPAGE, with is better than the one from my  brother How you can see at Tuulia´s Page. I´m trying to do best.


In the evening you can meet me at the cafes or in the disco in Freiburg and around Freiburg. Surely you can meet me too at every Schlagerfete.

If there are any questions left, or if you just like to criticize my page, mail me a VIP-mail.
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This page has been created from KAREN WISSING EG11/1 from the MERIAN-school in the edv-lesson. from 3´98 till 7´98

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