By Katrin & Katja, Merian-Schule, Freiburg, GERMANY, 1998

We are two german girls and we like it to live here. The village where we live is near Freiburg. Freiburg is a town in the South of Germany. If you want to go to France or Swiss you need only 45 min.!

The village where Katrin and I (Katja) come from calls Umkirch, has 5000 inhabitants and many young people from 12-18 years. That means: ACTION, FUN and PARTY all time!

Here in Germany you must go to school till 18 years, but with 16 years you have to decide if you go to school for an other time or if you prefer to learn a job. When you do a vocational you have to go to a vocational school. Katrin and I go to school, last year we passed our exam (Realschulabschluß) and now we go at a "Gymnasium". We like it because you have a lot of free-time. Free-time is the most important and most popular time in the week. Some do sports the other part meet friends or listening music.

At the weekends sometimes we go in discos, to Freiburg or we go to parties where we meet friends from : Gottenheim, Waltershofen,...... and Umkirch, of course. And when we don`t know what to do we go to cinema.

In the summer-time when the weather is hot...... we always go swimming and eat ice-cream.

In the winter month we go ice-skating or we go in the black-forest and do skiing.

***** ALWAYS ACTION *****