How I spend my holidays

When I have free time I get very happy, especially in my holidays. In my holidays I gladlygo swimming.Swimming is my favourite occupation, because it is very refreshing,especially in summer. When I go swimming I always go in a swimming-pool,because im the lake the water is too dirty and one can get ill. Usually I go there with my frends approximately (ca.) once a week.

The entry costs for 3-, DM schoolboys.I like to do another thing too gladly, for exemple I go cygling,plaing tennis and reading, I am fond of cycling, because it keeps me in shape. I do this 3 times a week for one hour. Here in Germany a bicycle cost ca. 300,.DM.

Equally I play table it is really fun for me not to lose light of the ball.

The tennis table is the meeting point for many adolescentes. And after a tennis game takes place in my garden Thereby I read a book.

The summer holidays are my favourite holidays although winter is not bad either. In winter I trevel with my frends to the mountains to go skiing.

On the mountains thre is a lot of snow and it is very cold but after a ski tour I feel recovered.

On can borrow the ski for an entve day from 8 a. m. for about 35,- DM.When I can not afferd skiing any more

I gladly go ice skating. After ice skating I love to drink a hot kakao and warm again up.