Spare time activities




Hello everybody !


My name is Marieke Genswein and Iím 19 years old.

I live in Bad Säckingen/ Germany on the border to Switzerland.

I live here with my family, that means with my parents and my 13years old brother.

My older sister is studying to become a teacher.

At the moment I am at the EG in Waldshut.

That is a grammar school with great stress on nutrition and chemistry.

Now I am in the twelveth class.

This school year is a bit different than it was before.

In the eleventh class we had school lessons separated in two classes.

But now we have school in "courses" that means the two classes are mixed and the groups of pupils are much smaller.

At the end of the eleventh class we had to choose which subjects we will take in the twelveth class.

I am going to graduate in 2000.



Spare time activities:


During the week


During the week I do not have much spare time because of school.

I have a long way to school ( about half an hour), whioch takes a lot of time.

After school I have to do my homework and learn for test.

In the evening I like to go in for sports.

I play tennsi in ateam and we have training together.

I also lie to spend my time with other kinds of sportsvolleyball for example.

Another important aspect in my spare time is music.

I love to listen to music, especially pop music and sometimes I play the piano.

I also love to sing.

During the week I like to read books or the newspaper and to watch TV.



On holidays:


I like to spend my holidays in foreign countries especially in warm lands on a sea.

There I get a sun tan and go swimming.

I also love sport holidays, where I play tennis or other kinds of sports all day.

In foreign countries I like to learn more about culture, religion, food and other typical characteristics of the inhabitants.


On the weekend:

On the weekend I often meet friends. We go to discos, to the cinema, to music concerts, to the theatre,...Sometimes we visit us in cafes to have discussions about different themes.