My spare time activities


My name is Fabienne Michel and I`m from Tiengen. That`s a small town in the south of Germany, near the border to Switzerland.

I am 17 years old and I go to a school called Justus - Liebig - Schule in Waldshut. At this school I take my school - leaving examination next year.


I`m writing because of a project we have in our English lesson. The project is called "My spare time activities" and that`s what I`ll tell you about.


During the week I go shopping with my friends or just relax by listening to music or by watching my favourite Daily Soaps on TV.

I also like to phone with my best friend what my parents aren`t very lucky about because of the high telephone bill. Sometimes I go babysitting to earn money which I need for my driving licence, because the driving licence is very expensive. It costs about 2000 DM which is very much money for a student.


At the weekend especially Friday and Saturday evening I go out with my friends. We go to private or public parties, to the disco or to the cinema. There I have a lot of fun when I meet my friends or get to know other people.

On Sunday I relax with my family or I do the rest of my homework.


During the holidays I often do things which take all day.

I travel by train to big cities like Freiburg or Stuttgart to go shopping or in winter I go skating for example. Besides I mostly go out with my friends in the evenings.


Years ago when I was about 10 years old I had many more hobbies like playing Badminton and dancing ballet. But I gave up these hobbys because I was bored or I couldn`t manage them in addition to school.


Former I also did everything with my family, visiting cities, museums or my relatives for example. Now I don`t do much with my family in my spare time but a lot with my friends.