Hey I am N.K. from B.

By Nathalie, Merian-Schule, Freiburg, GERMANY, 1998

I live in a little village in Southgermany, in the middle of the Kaiserstuhl.The Kaiserstuhl is a mountain which raises 100 metres in the air. Years ago there was also a vulcano. So much to my home........

i am 17 years old and go to the Merian- Schule in Freiburg (the next biggest town from my home) In Germany you have your first exam with 16 years, and than when you further go to school, you have your second exam with 19 years. So I have to take my second Exam in the year 2000, great, isn´t it????......


In Germany is the unemployment rate very high. The teenagers see no future,so alwaysmore people go to school longer.... In Germany the weekenk starts on Friday afternoon. We ( my friends and I) often go to partiesor watch movies. My hobbies are:badminton, aerobic, reading and waterskiing. All in all I am happy to live in Germany,although I don´t agree with our politics

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to the picture: A great sunset from my favourite ireland Guadeloupe