Breeding of parrots in the sense of protection of species and under what conditions?

Everyone knows something about parrots, but not early enough know really how bad their situation is. Many people know that these birds belong to rare species. However, many parrots were taken out of its environment and were put in a cage.

Cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) and Budgies (Melopsittacus undulatus) were nearly known by everybody (they are not rare species!).

Beside it, they are many other species in the great family of the parrots which be shown in different colours and sizes. The majority of these birds are unknown by the people.

Destroying her natural environment is a very great danger for them. However, it is only the destroying of the environment. It is also the catching of the birds out of her natural surroundings.

That is one reason why it gives humans like breeders to remedy this problem. They help to reducing the withdrawal of the rare species by offering the junior parrots in the trade.

Breeders of parrots help so to reduce the import.

The needs of the humans to keep such parrots will probably go on long into the future. However, I do not will say that this is a good solution for a much bigger and much intricate problem. In my opinion, the help should seize deeper. The assistance should also help the native population. They need the money, which they earn from the sale, to survive. In addition, our view of parrots must change, unless we do not want to keep these birds in our environment alive.

Anyway, there are other reasons why just parrots and the other birds of this family will be kept in our vicinity.

I find it very interesting to see how grow out of small egg in not time at all an adult bird.

In order to reach these goals of breeders they are not only the birds important it is as well the keeping of the parrots. In addition, the right food is a very important necessity to keep the bird healthy. In my opinion, the food should be equivalent to natural offer of food. Appropriate hygiene and a surrounding, which resemble to the natural environment, help them to feel fine. Their intelligent is a further reason for the most parrot owner to keep the birds. However, I believe these intelligent birds should live with further bird of their type in a group and not with a human being.

In any case, the owners carry a responsibility against the birds. This responsibility is a reason why you should think about before you buy a parrot or maybe a couple of parrots. At the beginning, I do not want to get a breeder of parrots. Everybody how owns a couple of cockatiels can agree to me that they lay eggs sooner or later. In Germany, you need for that an authorization and that is why I get a breeder of parrots.

There many other things which I can write about these subject. However, I stop here because I do not want to create a book.

If you do not agree with my opinion or maybe agree with these opinion and you wanted to tell me your opinion;

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