Isn't it beautiful to live ?

By Simone, Merian-Schule, Freiburg, GERMANY, 1998

Hi, I'm Simone, 17 from south-western Germany.

I like musik, sport and "Abenteuer Forschung". In future I want to do something with ecology. But my first aim is passing my exam. My dream is sailing and seeing whales.

At school we have to think about the lifes of teenagers between 16 and 18 years. Compared to other poor countries, like Africa, we don't have to renounce to food and good clothes. We are getting pocket-money from our parents but this is often only a drop in the ocean because we need a lot of money (holidays, hobbies, cinema).

I think you know this problem.

Time passes and I'm wondering if I have to find a job soon. But the unemployment-rate has reached terrifying demensions and I hope that I will get a well- paid job.

But school isn't the whole life. We have the chance of learning e.g. an instrument and practising other hobbies. It is very important that you get experiences in different situations. You have to learn taking over responsibility for other people and the world. I wish that our children will be able to live like we do.

It is super, that it is in creasing possible to meet people from other countries by an exchange or we can make holidays with friends in foreign countries too. So you learn something about other cultures.

But crime and polution is everywhere, but we have to protect our earth. My generation grows up with the thought having more and more. For us it is self-evident that we have e.g.water and we waste it. Also I'm worry about seeing all the sad people. It seems that they cannot join to live.

Fortunately peace is in my country and I wish that this will go on. Life isn't easy but it is wonderful to live. And one day I will see whales and the sun will shine over the ocean.

I wish you a happy life !