Spending freetime during the week

We are two students, Steffi and Simone from Merian-school in Freiburg. Since septemre 1998 we have been students at this school. It is a school where you can take your A-level. Four times a week we have to stay till 3.15 p.m. o`clock. That`s why we have a lot of freetime. When, I Simone, have freetime , I often go to a fitnesscenter, where I spend my time with friends and sports. It`s the place where I can take my get and gall my aggression and my frustraction . I love doing Aerobic and Jazzdance , that is an other reason why I`m a member there. The advantage as being a memeber is that you can do sports and take place in all the different courses whenever you want. I always have time for my friends even through I`m busy all the time. I often meet them after school we sometimes I have drinks and go to the cinema.

I ,Steffi , spend the most time with my horse. I have working with horses for 11 years now, two years ago I got my own horse. I ride to relax. I don`t ride at shows, that means that I don`t have enough time to draine my horse for them, and I don`t like the way many riders treat there horses. At night I often go out with freinds, the reason why I hardly ever at home. We party all the weekends, but the best part is getting up late the next day.

On sunday I Simone work at a pub, to finance my freetime. But I don`t get enough money, so my parents have to help me out. They also finance my drivers -licence.

My parents pay for all my freetime activities, that means for the horse, my drivers-licence ect. I love them for that because their support my, I wouldn`t have as many possibilitys

In Germany the drivers-education and licence cost roughly 1500-2000 DM /750-1000 EURO. A driving lessons is about 50DM / 25 EURO for 45 min. The amount of money adds up pretty fast because the special driving- lessons like lessons at night are even more expensive.