Spare time activities


We describe our own free-time


We are two girls from Murg. This is a little village in the south of Germany near the Swiss frontier. We are 18 years old and we like to tell you something about our free-time.


During the week:

During the week we don't have much free-time because we have to go to school and after school we should learn and do our homework. After this we are usually too lazy to do something else. We like to watch TV or to play cards. And sometimes we go shopping or we go to a cafe where we can meet our friends.



For us the weekend starts at Thursday evening. Then we go into a disco called "The Club". We have always a lot of fun there because we meet all our friends. On Friday morning we don't feel very well but in the evening the "party" goes on. On Saturday we sleeps the whole day and in the evening we go out. On Sunday we like to do something and in the evening we go to the cinema or we watch a video.



In our holidays we don't spend much time at home. We meet our friends. Then we go shopping or into "The Club" or into a cafe.

Actually the holidays are a long weekend.


Moreover we work at the weekends and in our holidays. One of us works in a restaurant's kitchen and the other works in a pharmacy and sometimes she looks after two children of a family. We get between 10,- and 15,- DM an hour. Without this money we couldn't go shopping or into "The Club", for example. And sometimes we get some money from our parents.


Steffi & Nicole