At first a few words about us. We are two girls both of us are 17 years young, we live in the near of Freiburg/Germany and we are going to the 11th class of the Merian school.

As we have got the opportunity in our lesson to present something interesting in the Internet, we have chosen the subject teamsports. It could be that not all of the teenagers are interested in this subject, but for us, it`s an important part of our freetime. Our hobby is volleyball. Since we were nine years old we have been members in the same club. It is funny to train together and to win but-sure sometimes we lose.

But for a few years we have realiced that the number of active players in the teamsport have decreased . WHY ???

Is it the big number of fitness-centres which you can find everywhere today ? Yes, in a fitness-studio you can organize the training times by yourself, but is this an advantage ? There are a few people who after a special time their training times in the fitness-centre neglect and their originally , planned regulary plan don`t keep.

Or is it maybe the increasing individualism of teenagers who is influenced by the education ? The teenagers won`t or can`t integrate in a group because of the dominant anti-authoritarianly education.

Or is it the big inertia of teenagers, which is fostered by the media-world. An example for this is that today there are a lot of teenagers who watch the whole day TV or play computer and thus waste their free.-time.

All this reasons mentioned above have fall the team-sport in a deep crisis in Germany.

Finally we want to tell the readers of our report why we still trust in the future of team-sport. But it is fun to play in a team instead of training in a fitness-studio alone. In a team-sport you realize your team spirit. There is more co-operation in a group and you learn how to cope with a defeat and you learn adjustment,too.

Therefore folks

do team-sport instead of going to a fitness- studio!!!!!!