Future after school


My ideas for the future are probably similar to those of other young people.

I hope to receive a good place to work with a nice

working atmosphere. Currently, I attend the Justus -Liebig School, it is comparable to high school in the U.S . in the year 2000,I will finish the school with the examination called Abitur. This is a very demanding examination and so have to learn more for it than pupils in other , lower schools. But in my opinion if you intend to make Career and also want an attractive job, you should pass this special demanding final examination . In Germany there is a very bad economic situation , there are about 4.mio. unemployed people. Therefore I want to get a very good school-leaving certificate because in this bad time the employers only take the best applicants . I do not aim for a special profession . It could be that I will get a job where I can change the economics situation ,because I am very interested in economics. The main thing for me is that in the job I will get ,in some years , I can change something bad in something good .That I can be proud of me and can say to me :"I have done something good." I will not only work for money .My job should be a challenge ,so I can work seriously and hard for it. It could be a job in an office ,perhaps abroad ,I am open for everything. I hope I will get such a job in future.



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