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Part II The ecological solution - oil and gas based condensing boiler technology

6. Differences between condensing boiler technology based systems and conventional systems

After the customer has now received a lot of basic information from you about the new condensing boiler technology he is about to make a purchase decision in favour of it. However, before he actually buys anything he would like to know some more details about the available systems and the particularities of the condensing boiler technology. Of course, you want to be able to answer these questions and so you are preparing yourself accordingly.


Condensing boiler technology requires that the exhaust gases are removed in a special way, since because of the strong cooling of the exhaust gases their buoyancy is not sufficient anymore. For this reason, and in order to guarantee a save transport of the exhaust gases, their removal has to be supported with air fans.

The exhaust gases contain rests of humidity which is condensing in the exhaust gas pipes. For this reason, the exhaust gas pipes have to be insensitive to humidity.

By using the heat energy of the exhaust gas condensate results. This condensate has to be removed according to the corresponding regulations.
In order to avoid possible corrosion damages of the system, the parts of the condensing boilers, of the exhaust gas removal system and of the condensate removal system have to be corrosion resistant.



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