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13. Solutions for the exercises and learning objectives in part II

Exercise 5

Constructional/design features of condensing boiler systems
Second heat exchanger

The second heat exchanger was one of the first special constructional features in the beginning of the condensing boiler technology development. The engineers had added an additional heat exchanger to a conventional boiler in order to use the heat energy of the exhaust gases. Today such a following or added heat exchanger is still used for large high-performance boilers.
Mechanical exhaust gas removal
Condensing boiler systems make a mechanical exhaust gas removal necessary since the exhaust gases do not have sufficient natural buoyancy due to their low temperatures. A mechanical exhaust gas transport is normally realised with air fans or blowers.
Condensate removal

Since in condensing boiler systems as well as in the exhaust gas pipes the exhaust gases are condensing and then are gathering in the lowest point of the system, it is necessary to transport and to introduce the condensate into the public sewage system with the help of corresponding installations.



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