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Learning objective 4
  • Condensing boiler systems with added/following heat exchanger are usually bigger than other boilers. Above all they are used when high boiler performances are needed. It is necessary to position the heat exchanger behind the boiler since the burner is located below the first heat exchanger. If a condensation were to take place in this area, the condensate would drop on the burner and could cause malfunctions.
    In devices with integrated heat exchangers, the burner is normally located above or at the side of the heat exchangers so that the condensate can not drop on it.

  • The same atmospheric burners, blower burners and premix-burners that are also used in conventional boiler systems are being used.


Learning objective 5
  • A pulsation burner works with a special pulsating combustion process where the gas-air-mixture is sucked into a spherical, closed combustion chamber. The over-pressure developing in this combustion chamber presses the exhaust gases in the heat exchangers located below. About 60 ignitions per second (pulsation frequency) are resulting in a high exhaust gas speed which ensures an good heat energy transmission to the heating water and so a very effective use of the condensation heat. In contrast to other condensing boiler systems, pulsation - condensing boilers do not need any mechanical exhaust gas removal because of the combustion chamber over-pressure.

  • Burner, combustion air, exhaust gas, condensing exhaust gas, gas supply, heating system forerun, heating system reverse running, heat exchanger, condensate, condensing area.


Learning objective 6

Condensing boiler system with added/following heat exchanger

with an exhaust gas fan
Condensing boiler system with integrated heat exchanger

with a supply air fan
Condensing boiler system with direct heat exchanger

with a combustion air fan (blower burner)
Condensing boiler system with pulsation boiler

with over-pressure in the combustion chamber



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