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Graphic: Example for a measuring protocol/report

English translation of technical terms and sentences of the diagram above:

Schule = School
Messprotokoll - Brennwerttechnikmodell = Measuring protocol/report - Condensing boiler model
Datum = Date
Klasse = Class
Name = Name
Versuch Nr. = Test/experiment number
Wassereintrittstemperatur = Water inflow temperature
Durchfluss l/h = Flow l/h
Abgastemperatur = Exhaust gas temperature
Eingangstemperatur = Input/start temperature
Ausgangstemperatur = Output temperature
Energie = Energy

14.6 Faults

The burner of the model is simple and normally will operate without any problems. If however the components should not be firmly bolted, gas can leak out at other places than the nozzle. In this case the supply pressure in the nozzle becomes too small and the gas flow can not carry enough oxygen which leads to an incomplete combustion (soot formation).


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