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Experimental set-up 2:

Measuring points:
Y = velocity, V = temperature, P = pressure, = humidity

Experiment goal:
Air humidification

Work plan:
Experiment l (rotations per minute 100 %)
- Put fan into operation
- Open valve l and screen 3
- Close valves 2 and 6
- Activate humidifier
- Measurements
Relative humidity (Measuring location: C, E)
Temperature (Measuring location: C, E)
Velocity (Measuring location: C, -)
- Enter measurement values in table
- Enter states of air C and E in the diagram
- Enter directional straight line in the h-x diagram
- Determine heat content increase
- Determine water content increase
- Determine heat content hC of the supplied vapour (hC = h/x)
- Take a reading of atmospheric density C and enter it in the table
- Calculate mass flow m
- Calculate vapour consumption per hour and compare it with the value displayed on the instrument

Questions to findings:
1. What are the effects of adding vapour to the air ?
2. How does one find the direction of the change in conditions in the h-x diagram when the heat content hC of the vapour is known ?

1.: Humidity and heat content of the air climb.
2.: The heat content hC can be measured off on the margin scale of the h-x diagram. The straight line from 0 C to hC gives the direction of the change in conditions.

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