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Experimental set-up 3:

Measuring points:
Y = velocity, V = temperature, P = pressure, = humidity

Experiment goal:
Mixing air

Work plan:
- Put fan into operation
- Put refrigeration plant into operation
- Open screen 3 by ca. 1/3
- unhinge rod assembly
- Open re-circulation air cap 6 completely
- Open outside air valve 6 completely
- Measurements
Relative humidity (measurement location L, C, A)
Temperature (measurement location L, C, A)
Velocity (measurement location L, C, A)
- Enter values in table
- Enter air states in h-x diagram
- Draw connecting straight line for air states
- Read atmospheric density and enter it in the table
- Calculate mass flow
- Determine mixing point straight line
- Relationship

The mixing point divides the connecting straight line L UM ..... L AL in two sections L UM and L AL which exist in a conversely proportional relationship to both of the affected air quantities. It always lies closer to the air state from which the larger quantity of the mixture is taken for the mixture.

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