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Plants with continuous control of the room temperature and room humidity

Apart from the room temperature, the humidity is also controlled continuously by comfort plants (see Fig. 50). Depending upon the room humidity measured by the detector 5, only as much outside air is supplied by the continuous humidity controller as is necessary to maintain the desired room humidity. A further measure for avoiding the condensation of water on the window panes of a swimming hall is to mount an additional temperature detector 2 on the interior surface of the window.

Fig. 50 Continuous control of room temperature and room humidity in a swimming pool

1 = Air damper actuator with outside air and return air dampers
2 = Supply air temperature low limiter
3 = Room temperature detector
4 = Temperature controller
5 = Room humidity detector
6 = Humidity controller

(control circuit, see Fig. 51; working principle, see Fig. 52). If the inside surface temperature t2 of the window pane falls to near the dew point t11 of the room air (resulting from the room temperature t1 and relative room humidity 1) due to a fall in the outside temperature t3, the set value of the room humidity is shifted linearly toward lower values with the help of a shift controller 8, so that water cannot condense on the window panes. At an outside temperature of, say, t3 = -15 C and a corresponding inside surface temperature of the window pane of t2 = +5 C, the set value of the room humidity 2 must be reduced to below 27,5 % R.H., e.g. to 25 % R.H.

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