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English translation of technical terms and sentences in Fig. 52 a and b:

= Connection between air states and dew point temperature
b) = Linear reduction in set value of room air temperature to prevent condensation, depending upon the window pane surface temperature
t1 = Room temperature
t2 = Window pane surface temperature
t3 = Outside temperature
t11 = Dew point temperature
1, 2 = Relative air humidity in the room

4. Refrigerating machines - Training units

A general recognition and understanding of refrigeration technology must be considered the first essential step for the application of solar cooling. To this purpose, a number of refrigeration technology experiment and instruction units will be used, some of which have been developed or further developed in the course of carrying out the SERVITEC program. In particular these are:

- Compression error simulation
- Compressor control systems
- Teaching module refrigeration trainer Duo 2000:

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