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Regarding 1: Substructure

Chassis constructed from rectangular tubes, movable with 4 steering rollers, refrigerant container storage, lockable spindles, drawer blocks, storage tray, work surface with stainless steel covering and integrated drip tub with runoff columns

Regarding 2 a): Work panels for refrigeration/air-conditioning with universal suspended plug-in system

Work panels, composed of rectangular frames with a special profile system for plug-in modules and a space for the laying of cable and sockets, fitted measuring device with built in:

  1. Volt meter
  2. Emergency off switch
  3. Temperature measurement of the media with 2 digital temperature displays with 2 x 6 figured measuring point change-over switches, whereby 2 temperatures are simultaneously displayed for purposes of temperature comparison.

Regarding 2 b): Electrical work panels with universal suspended plug-in system

Work panels, composed of rectangular frames with a special profile system for universal suspended plug-in system, with a fitted measuring device for two different electrical supply nets, with net selection switch error current circuit breakers, control lamps, main and device fuses and a threefold reversible volt meter.

Regarding 3: Evaporator in angle construction form

2 evaporator parts, chosen according to the equipment list, with special evaporators for various temperature areas, including the corresponding insulation and electrical defrosting heater, waterproof with drip runoff and heating, completely encased, easy accessible and visible from the front, with built in controllable counter heating.
Drip tub heating and door-frame heating for the cryogenic freezing area for inside temperatures to -50 C. All of the necessary connecting terminals are fixed and wired in the back to the numbered and labelled socket board, and can be measured with the flexible safety wires. An optimal overview is thus always available.

Regarding 4: Control x Regulating part - Evaporator fans

Each evaporator fan has its own control-regulator part with the following components, which is firmly integrated into the universal suspended plug-in system:

Regarding 5: Electric switch boxes

Electric switch boxes, built into the electric operation side of the under-carriage (with sloped operation board). Energy source for 2 different supply nets. With the affiliated fuses, plug sockets, switches, control lamps, FI safety switches, emergency off switches and main switches. The plug box board contains circa 60 sockets for the wiring of L 1-3, N, PE of the designed experiments. External current can be laid and connected to a small plug socket board. The plant is always mutually switched, so that only one electrical power source net can be worked with at one time.

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