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Capacitors possess a certain storage capacity for charges. This storage capacity depends on their structure (size). The electrical capacity C describes the ability of capacitors to store charges. The unit symbol for the electrical capacity is F [Farad] (Michael Faraday, English Physicist, 1791-1867).
The charge of a capacitor depends besides its capacity also on the connected voltage. The following formula applies:

Capacitor charge = Capacity * Voltage


The following formula describes the capacity of a plate capacitor as a function of the capacitor plate size A and the distance between the capacitor plates d (a vacuum between the capacitor plates is assumed):

One distinguishes two groups of capacitors:

Fixed-value capacitors *)

*) Fixed-value capacitors are named according to the material of the dielectric
  • Paper capacitors
  • Plastic foil capacitors
  • Ceramic capacitors
  • Electrolytic capacitors
Adjustable capacitors
  • Variable capacitors
  • Trim capacitors


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