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6.2.3 Safety measures against overload and short-circuit

6.3 Safety areas

Sanitary and heating installations and maintenance works are often carried out in areas where the installed devices come directly or indirectly in contact with water. In these rooms or areas (e.g. bath rooms, shower rooms, sauna, etc...) special area divisions and area regulations have to be considered. DIN 0100 defines these areas. DIN 0100 also specifies that in such areas only particularly protected electric devices can be installed. The necessary safety type is indicated on the corresponding device by the letters IP (IP = International protection) followed by two consecutive numbers:

Electric devices - safety types
# 1
Contact and foreign element protection
# 2 Water protection
0 no protection
no protection
1 large foreign elements, d > 50mm
vertically dropping water
2 medium sized foreign bodies, d > 12mm
diagonally dropping water
3 small foreign bodies, d > 2,5mm
spray water
4 very small foreign bodies, d > 1mm
splash water
5 dust protected
jet water
6 dust proof
strong water jet
dive in
If after the two letters IP there is only a single number indicated for the safety type, an X is set for the not necessary safety type (e.g.: IP X4, IP 3X)

Diagram 53: Area division for rooms with a bathing and/or showering tub and potential equalisation

Area B 0: It includes the inside of the bathing or showering tub
Area B 1: Limitation through vertical areas around the bathing or showering tub
Area B 2: It includes a spraying range of 0,6m around area B 1
Area B 3: Next area behind B2 with a width of 2,4m e

English translation of technical terms and sentences of the diagram above:

Durchflusserwärmer = Continuous flow water heater
Spiegelbeleuchtung = Mirror lights
Sprechanlage = Intercom
Wasserleitung = Water pipe
Speicheranschluss = Storage connection
Grenze des Sprühbereichs = Limit of the spraying area
Anschlussösen an Wanne und Abflussstutzen
= Connection loop of the bathing tub and connecting piece of the drain
Cu-Leitung zusätzlicher Potentialausgleich mit 4mm2 = Copper pipe, additional potential equalisation of 4mm2
zur PA-Schiene = to the PA-bar

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