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8.2 Sensors and the arrangement of feelers (measurement locations)

Sensors and feelers measure values and quantities and pass the measured information on to regulation and control units. For this reason, sensors and feelers are very often components of regulation and control units. Some examples for sensors and feelers that are used in the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning sector are: photocells in burners, outside temperature feelers, thermostat remote feelers, exhaust sensors, etc....
The following table shows examples of some frequently used sensors. All have an electric output to pass the measurement information to the regulation and control units .

Sensors Input Output
Diagram 55: Strain gauge

Extension and change of the cross-section of a wire
Resistance change
Diagram 56: Photocell

Change of brightness
Voltage change
Diagram 57: Piezo crystal

Pressure change
Voltage change
Diagram 58: Coil with iron core

Distance s of an iron core in a coil
Induction change
Diagram 59: Measuring resistance

Temperature change
Resistance change



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