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Example Possible causes for the defect and ways to correct it
After the ignition there is no ionisation message.
The cables and cable connections of the electric primer/glow igniter have to be checked.
If the electric primer/glow igniter is not glowing during the ignition process, the fuse has to be checked and has to be replaced if necessary.
The resistance of the electric primer/glow igniter has to be checked with a corresponding measuring instrument. The manufacturer data for the device has to be considered (e.g. specified resistance value of the igniter) in this regard. If the specified resistance value is exceeded, the igniter has to be replaced.
If the igniter should not be the cause for the defect, the ionisation current has to be measured. Such a measurement is in the A-range. If the necessary values should not be reached, the ionisation electrode has to be replaced.

Finally, the following two security aspects should be mentioned here:

Practical training normally depends strongly on the laboratories and technical installations available in the training centre. Product specific training materials (e.g. work and exercise sheets, experiment descriptions, etc......) can be obtained from ZEBAŽ which is a SERVITEC project partner. ZEBAŽ's modular training installation shown in diagram 69 is e.g. being used for continuing education courses in "basics of electric engineering".


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