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The following criteria can be relevant for the purchase decision of such customers:

For all customers the security aspect is important for the purchase decision. The customer advisor or salesman has to find out other motives for the purchase by using clever conversation tactics. This is not an easy task since the determination of the customer type in the course of the conversation has to be done simultaneously to appropriate consulting and advisory.

As an important principle is that the employee or customer advisor should not put too much weight on the selling of the goods or services but should help to satisfy the needs of the customers and help to solve his problems and fulfil his wishes.

In order to determine the actual wishes of the customer the following principle applies:

Only if one considers the basic principles mentioned above a good "style" can be achieved in the communication with the customer. It is certainly always possible to "make a quick deal", however a good relationship to the customers can not be developed in this way.

At this point the "exploratory phase" is beginning in which the conversation is brought down step by step to the business level. However, the personal character of the discussion should be kept as a basis and should never be abandoned completely. If the customer gets the feeling to have found in the employee the right person for the fulfilment of his wishes and the solution of his problems one is on the right way.

In the exploratory phase two important sales or advisory techniques should be used:

In general, people learn in different ways, whereby we can differentiate between two "types":

Since we do not know which type of customer we have in front of us we have to combine the needs of both types in our presentation technique. One can e.g. include real objects or products into the own explanations. In this way, one achieves that the customer understands the explained processes and things as well as possible.


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