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-> Effect on the customer

- The customer understands the explanations.
- He feels addressed and understood.
- He is interested in the explanations.
- He does not get bored during the conversation.

Gestures, facial expression and behaviour:

These are only a few basic rules that should be followed. Through constant self-observation of the way one conducts a conversation this ability can be continuously improved.

Of course, the customer can articulate himself much more freely by e.g., giving vent to his annoyance about a bad service or unsatisfactory done work. Service technicians, customer advisors or salesmen however should never confront an annoyed customer in the same way or try to "pay him back in his own coin". Even if one might also get annoyed in such a situation about the unfriendly behaviour of the customer an employee always has to listen willingly to the complaining customer. An appropriate language selection enables the employee in such situations to achieve the following:

Not alone the linguistic training of the employees is decisive however. An important role in conducting a customer conversation also plays the personality of the service technician or the employee, his professional experience, his self-control, his self-confidence, his friendliness, his technical qualification, his personal authority and last but not least his ability to convince people.

So one should indeed start to critically think about his own personality and his own self-confidence once. Normally, balanced, positively minded and self-confident employees have more success to gain the confidence of a customer in a customer conversation..


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