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A further principle that should be taken into consideration in every customer conversation is that if two people have common interests and share the same ideas the development of a relationship is generally much easier. So, if a conversation should begin to flag once it is very often a good idea to simply change the subject of the conversation. Frequently, one discovers thereby common interests with the customer. This can then serve as a new starting point for a further successful sales or advisory conversation.

9. Wie bekommt man zufriedene Kunden ?

In general, one gets satisfied customers if one is able to follow certain rules and also if one is able to observe people and to adapt oneself to them. This also includes to accept people the way they are.

In this regard, one should take the following things into consideration and prepare oneself for them accordingly:

It can sometimes be very helpful to maintain a customer database in the company where information about the customer's family, its spare time activities, profession of parents, number of kids, etc.. is stored. In this way, one does not have to speak "about the weather" all the time if e.g. a service job in the home of the customer is carried out. The ability to conduct a conversation on a personal level helps to create relationships which usually pay off quickly. The creation and maintenance of a customer database is an important condition for a consistent customer orientation.


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