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However, in most cases one has to quickly revise his prejudices about a certain "type" of person in a negative but also in a positive sense as soon as one gets to know him for a longer period of time. As soon as the "thinking in fixed categories" does not seem to fit any longer, one suddenly hears comments like:

Now, one has to ask oneself how such false judgements or false classifications of people can occur ? It is just not possible to judge another person correctly in such a short period of time. More time and more intensive observations are necessary to do this:

By these simple examples one recognises that it is necessary to observe people more closely and not always look at the surface only before one comes up with a judgement about a person. Only in this way false judgements can be avoided.

People can be judged by e.g. their gestures, facial expression, posture, language and choice of words. At the first attempt, one will not be able to make a final judgement though. By observing someone intensively however one can learn to better adapt to his personality in order to better deal with him in a better way. In this context, it is important to pay attention to the following things:



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