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Some remarks at the end:

The course of a customer advisory conversation in the handicraft business is always similar, whether it takes place in the product exhibition rooms of a company or in the heater-room of a customer during a service repair job. The slightly different conversation patterns only have to be filled with different contents. So, e.g. a service technician while advising a customer which bath to purchase has a different goal than a craftsman who would like to sell a solar energy system or module. However, all share the wish to advise the customer as best as possible and to complete a sales deal to the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved.

In order that this can be reached a corresponding corporate philosophy and corporate culture must be existing including an innovative and open-minded management. It is the main task of the entrepreneur to establish these conditions in order to realise and maximise the operational success of the company. In the German sanitary, heating and air-conditioning sector there are indeed entrepreneurs who have recognised the changes in the customer orientation and who have taken the above described measures as a consequence already. Supported by the active work of their positively co-operating employees they quickly managed to achieve an entrepreneurial success in the form of good operating results.

For the employees of the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning companies the recommendations and procedures that were discussed here should represent aids to improve their communication and customer advisory skills. By acquiring qualifications of this kind they ultimately contribute to put into practice the necessary changes in the companies of this sector.

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