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12. Order execution process

A basic condition in order to achieve customer satisfaction consists in the right planning and handling of the customer order. For this reason one should follow the order processing plan presented below in any case:

... Acquisition of customers - Select and carry out different advertising measures
... Request - Contact
The customer visits the company
- Customer advisory, examine
technical conditions and situation
- Consultation in home of customer
- Selection of products
- Examine economic and financial conditions
- Perform a labour costs calculation
- Perform a general cost calculation
- Do the work scheduling
... Submission of an offer including explanations. The customer accepts the offer and gives his order  
... Order planning - Perform technical calculations
- Make technical drawings
- List materials needed and order them
- Plan the work process
- Co-ordinate work with other companies
- Plan use of personnel
- Plan use of equipment and tools
... Order execution - Co-ordinate order execution process with customer
- Transport of equipment, machines and materials
- Carry out assembly works according to plan
- Check if work implementation copes with technology rules and environment protection regulations
- Putting the installed system into service
- Handing the installed device or system with documentation over to customer
- Briefing and introduction of customer
... Order evaluation - Do expenditure calculation (material, time)
- Write bill
- Do post-calculation
- Offer service contract
... Customer service - Send service offers to customers
- Maintain customer database
- Inform and speak with customers about modernising existing devices and systems and the current public support programmes available



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