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A company in which the employees are not included into the marketing concept can not have the desired success. Including the employees into the overall marketing strategy can be just as important as the targeted customer marketing.

The general goal of all people employed in a company has to be the good co-operation in the order of the customer. This goal should even be raised to the highest goal of the whole enterprise.

Some principles of customer care:

3. Who is a customer ? Self contemplation in connection with the consumer's everyday life

Everyone of us is a customer, no matter whether it is a friend, neighbour or colleague. Being a customer however also means consuming goods, products and services on a regular basis. The everyday life of a consumer is characterised by own expectations and own consumer behaviour. So, as a customer we all already made buying experiences and thus experiences with salesmen. These experiences help us to realistically value purchase situations.

Briefly said, one can not sell everything to a customer if he enters a shop. Also not, if a craftsman comes to the home of a customer to make a repair and advises him about water and energy saving measures on this occasion. The customer has a special position and he knows that very well. One can say that the customer of today is self-confident and well aware of his power. Consumer associations, the German Foundation for the Testing of Goods (Stiftung Warentest)), the media and recently the Internet have all contributed to the fact that today's customer has turned into a "customer of age". One has to take this in mind in every customer conversation.

Increasing school education and an improved criticism ability, particularly of the recent generation of young people, demand a reorientation in regard to the handling of customers. Due to the above mentioned sources of information and also thanks to numerous new energy counselling agencies, the customer, especially in the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning sector, is very often up to date with the newest technological developments. So, he certainly will not be very happy if a craftsman is not well informed about e.g. the newest public financial support guidelines about solar energy use or about new technologies available in his sector.



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